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2018 Master Storyteller Academy certification. Sheridan decided one day it was her mission leaves hope every place she stood and beyond. A passion for helping future Thrivers believe that ANYTHING is possible with the right tools. Using speaking as her outlet to mode, uplift, encourage and to share hope but also delivering tools to help you get from one level of success to the next. Starting from the most important place from the inside out.  Are you THRIVING?   



CEO and Owner of Thrive Media Center. Sheridan is an Alumni of Bowling Green State University with a background in Telecommunications. As well as, a recent graduate of Spec’s Howard School Of Media Arts with a focus in Digital Media. Sheridan has studied and worked in the field of communications. She is a former affiliate of CBS Detroit as a producer, television scriptwriter and blogger.  


Talented telecommunications professional with experience and knowledge in television production, video editing, also possessing over  3 years of experience in content management, strategic planning and marketing analytics. Sheridan is also skilled in scriptwriting, research, and expanding website content. Previous employers and management would describe Sheridan as detailed oriented, honest, and a critical thinker. Her broad range of experience spans across local, national, and independent projects, interviews, and documentaries.  Finally, she carries extensive knowledge of several mainstream social media platforms, and editing software of Final Cut Pro X,  Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.


People live off CONNECTIVIE

Our goal at Thrive is to provide advancing media marketing services for a vast array of businesses. Our concentrations include creating and advertising content for platforms as well as analyzing results, and overseeing edits. While we guide consumers through the testing and development stages of their platform, we can ensure that they are the sole voice in developing their content. One of our main objectives is to help our clients by working on branding outside the realm of social media. Whether you are in the music industry, small business enterprises, or anything in between, we strive to gain ultimate exposure for your brand. 

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